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Listed below are all the dates Production Bugs classes will be running.

Visit the Classes page to find out more information.


Week 1:
Monday 10th 

Tuesday 11th

Wednesday 12th

Thursday 13th

Sunday 16th

Week 2:
Monday 17th 

Tuesday 18th

Wednesday 19th

Thursday 20th

Sunday 23rd

Week 3:
Monday 24th 

Tuesday 25th

Wednesday 26th

Thursday 27th

Sunday 30th



Week 4:
Monday 2nd

Tuesday 3rd

Wednesday 4th

Thursday 5th

Sunday 7th

Week 5:
Monday 8th

Tuesday 9th

Wednesday 10th

Thursday 11th

Sunday 14th


Week 6:
Monday 29th

Tuesday 30th

Wednesday 31st 

Thursday 1st November

Sunday 4th November


Week 7:
Monday 5th

Tuesday 6th

Wednesday 7th

Thursday 8th

Sunday 11th

Week 8:
Monday 12th

Tuesday 13th

Wednesday 14th

Thursday 15th

Sunday 18th

Week 9:
Monday 19th

Tuesday 20th

Wednesday 21st

Thursday 22nd

Sunday 25th

Week 10:
Monday 26th

Tuesday 27th

Wednesday 28th

Thursday 29th

Concert Rehearsal: Friday 14th December
Concert: Saturday 15th December (see Events page)

Please do get in contact with any questions 

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